Video and Film Production

Our films and videos combine beauty and simplicity with a deep understanding of the critical issues and complexities involved in humanitarian and social development work. We engage with our subjects with dignity and respect.


We ensure all of our processes are as participatory as possible and we incorporate our humanitarian values in all stages of the film production work. We follow internationally accepted codes of ethics for filming and documenting the lives of people in difficult situations.


We believe that film and video are powerful means to share stories and lessons within and beyond the humanitarian and social development sectors. Some examples of our products include:

1. Short films that showcase impact of projects and programmes.

2. Animations that explain initiatives, thematic issues, or processes.

3. Videos that introduce the organization’s mission and way of working.

4. Commemorative and celebratory videos.

5. Educational videos and animations.





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    Studio US +1 (315) 753 0906

    Studio UK +44 (0) 207 096 1106

    Video and Film Production